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Davey Johnson: The D.C. Brain Trust

By: Mike Asti

(Courtesy: Washington Post)

The 2011 MLB managerial carousel continues spinning at rapid pace. After the Washington Nationals were stunned to learn their manager, Jim Riggelman was resigning and leaving the team, a franchise with hopes for a bright future seemed to be in turmoil. The Nats brass wasted no time in putting a plan of action together. Baseball returned to the D.C area in 2005 and the organization is determined it will be eventually be a winner. Despite a winning streak and .500 record, Riggleman felt disrespected by not receiving a contract extension or even much communication discussing the possibility of keeping him around long term. Riggleman saw the light at the end of the tunnel. He was well aware a repaired Stephen Strasburg and a young phenom, Bryce Harper would be in the fold very soon. Unfortunately, the franchise did not appear to be gun hoe about fully handing him the keys to a potential Cadillac in the making. Right or wrong, the Nationals have every right in the world to go in whatever direction they feel is best. My full thoughts on the Riggleman debacle can be heard here: The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show. Read more »


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