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12-Year-Old Too Big For Pee Wee Football

By: Jared Ramos

According to Fox New Dallas Fort-Worth, Elijah Earnheart, a 12-year-old who weights roughly the same as Ndamukong Suh was banned from Pop Warner football.

The rule, per the league’s president, is that any seventh grader weighing 135 pounds or more must play in a school league, and not Pee Wee. I’m fully on the league president’s side here. No way Yokozuna should be allowed to play kids half his size. I’m pretty sure this is the real life Spike from the Little Giants. Everyone remembers how that played out in the movie? Spike killed just about everybody he touched. And it’s not like he can’t play football at all, the rule just states he can’t beat up on kids the size of his tits.


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