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September 9, 2012

Week One NFL Bets

by Jared

By: Jared Ramos

(Home team in caps)

BEARS (-10) vs Colts

Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall will be too much for a revamped Colts defense. I liked what I saw from Andrew Luck in the preseason, but this is the Chicago Bears and Julius Peppers. Expect the Bears to jump out to an early lead and run the ball with Matt Forte in the second half.

VIKINGS (-4) vs Jags

Adrian Peterson is starting and that is all you need to know. The Vikings defensive line will be in Blaine Gabbert’s face all day. With MJD only getting a limited amount of carries gamblers will be relying on Blaine Gabbert. You never want to rely on Blaine Gabbert.

JETS (-3) vs Bills

I expect the Jets to throw the kitchen sink at the Bills today. I expect Tebow to play 25 snaps. I expect them to run reverses, double reveres, Tebow in the slot, Tebow at left tackle, Tebow at linebacker. You name it the Jets are going to do it. Buffalo will be the classic everyone hypes them up, then they win six games type of team.

TEXANS (-13) vs Dolphins

If you watched Hard Knocks then you know that this line is to low. Texans in a blowout.

RAMS (+9) vs Lions

Every year there is always one early game that ruins everyone’s teaser. Well this is that game. The Lions defense is not very good. They caught the league by storm last year, don’t expect them to sneak up on anyone this year. Even if the Rams don’t win this game they should keep it interesting.

Pats (-6) vs TITANS

No Kenny Britt, no problem for New England. Remember what happened the last time Josh McDaniels was coordinating the Patriots offense?

SAINTS (-7) vs Redskins

Washington is walking into a no-win situation. The Saints are about to put together one of those eff you type of seasons and what better way to kick that season off than with a dismantling of RG3.

Eagles (-9.5) vs BROWNS

There should be a rule that states that you have to bet against Brandon Weeden every week when the line is less than 10.

Falcons (-2.5) vs CHIEFS

The Chiefs will be in for a long day without Brandon Flowers. Atlanta wants to air the ball out this year and have plenty of weapons to do just that. The chiefs only hope is that they can control the clock with their running game.

Seahawks (-3) vs CARDINALS

John Skelton is the Cardinals starting quarterback. That is all.

Panthers (-2.5) vs BUCS

The Bucs will be much improved this season, but you never bet against Cam Newton. The Panthers upgraded their defense and Newton will be even better in year two.

PACKERS (-5) vs 49ers

No way that I’m taking Alex Smith outdoors against a Packers team with something to prove.

BRONCOS (-3) vs Steelers

Peyton Manning’s first game in over a year. On national television. With no Ryan Clark or James Harrison. Yep this should be the classic never bet against Manning in primetime type of game.

RAVENS (-6.5) vs Bengals

The Bengals are another team that should fall back down to earth this year. Andy Dalton is not that good. I also don’t see how they are going to stop Ray Rice.

Chargers (-1) vs RAIDERS

Did anyone else watch Carson Palmer this preseason? This line couldn’t be high enough.

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