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August 24, 2012

Joe Johnson And Chris Bosh Provided Us With The Weeks Dumbest Comments

by Jared

By: Jared Ramos

First lets start with Joe Johnson. I don’t think there is a player-team combo more perfect for each other than Johnson and the Nets. Johnson has been and always will be that guy that is just good enough to get his team to the four seed. The Nets, consequently, are that team that will forever be a four seed in the East. So it should come to no ones surprise that the move to Brooklyn has them believing that they can win a championship.

That’s what we are shooting for — the ring. There’s no need to sell ourselves short. You talk about gelling and figuring it out, and I think we have the perfect pieces: a great point guard, a great center. I don’t think any of our positions are the same or overlap at all.

I think someone should remind Joe Johnson that Brook Lopez averaged 3.6 rebounds per game last year. There were five point guards that averaged 3.6 rpg or better last year. So that great center comment should be reevaluated.

Now, Chris Bosh already know’s that his team is great. After all they are the defending champs. However he doesn’t think the Heat are the best team in the NBA.

Chris Bosh says on WQAM Lakers have best team “on paper” in the NBA. Yes, even over the Heat. “We have to start over,” Bosh says of Heat proving themselves again.

Chris, you don’t have to start over when you’re the defending champs. Add Ray Allen. And have LeBron James.

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