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August 8, 2011

Football is Back: Fantasy Rankings part 1, The QB’s

by bmclaughlin08
By: Brian McLaughlin
Football is indeed finally back and with training camp in full swing it is now time to look towards and gear up for our guilty pleasure, Fantasy Football. It is now the first week of August and most of us have not even looked at a cheat sheet, top 100, sleepers/busts list, and if you are like me then you are in a mass panic! But BDL has you covered. I will help get you ready and get your blood pumping for your all important and rapidly approaching drafts. He is a list of the top QBS 1-33 and in-depth analysis from 1-10.

1. Michael Vick- Vick is coming into his second year with Philly and was a fantasy gold mine for owners last season. Vick didn’t even come into last season as the starter and should continue to get better. He not only has great value as a passer in Andy Reid’s throw first offense, but we all know what he brings with his legs as well. Vick is the number one QB heading into 2011.

2. Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers had a terrific year last season throwing 28 tds and should be even better this year. The packers bring all of their weapons from last year back and will have even more weapons this year with the return of Jermichael Finley and the emergence of James Starks. Rodgers will go over 30 tds with ease this season.

3. Drew Brees- Brees is still a Fantasy juggernaut and a top three Fantasy QB. He still has the weapons and with Mark Ingram now in the fold a running game should only help open up things for Brees this season. The Saints did not address their defense to the lengths they needed so expect more shootouts and more of the same production from Brees.

4. Philip Rivers- I am in love with Rivers this year, he threw for 30 tds last season and that was without his top target for most of the season. With V Jax now in camp and the Chargers a more humbled and focused team, the sky is the limit for Rivers. Expect 30-35 tds and a monster year for Rivers

5. Tom Brady- You really cannot go wrong with Brady, he is about as solid as it gets and added a new toy to throw to in OchoCinco. I like that combo a lot and think Brady can again have a big fantasy season. Brady threw 36 tds last season along 3900 yards and I would not be surprised to see him duplicate his 2010 campaign

6. Matt Ryan- I think Matt Ryan is going to have a big season. The Falcons added Julio Jones this offseason to pair with Roddy White giving Matt Ryan some serious targets to throw to. Matty Ice threw 28 tds along with 3705 yards, and I expect him to top those numbers this year.

7. Peyton Manning- Manning is coming off of neck surgery and may not be ready for the season, however this is a fantasy football god were talking about and he always seems to be putting up huge numbers. Dallas Clark will be back this season and Manning is as reliable and low risk as you will find in any draft.

8. Matt Schaub- Fantasy owners may have been a year too early or too late depending on how you look at it with Schaub. I fully expect Schaub to go above and beyond his 24 tds last season and stay right around 4000-4300 yards. I think this may finally be the year with Schaub, he still has Andre Johnson now has a top running back in Arian Foster. It would be hard not to see him having a career year.

9. Jay Cutler- This guy has a lot to prove and I believe in his second year under Mike Martz, that Cutler will indeed answer the critics. I think Cutler can go back to his ’09 numbers in which he threw for 27 tds and 3666 yds. I don’t mind Cutler as a starter this season.

10. Tony Romo- Speaking of a guy who has a lot to prove, Romo is in a make or break season. I like betting on QBs that need to perform especially from a fantasy standpoint. Romo has the targets and has Jason Garrett behind him. I would not be shocked to see Romo hit totals of 27-29 and 3500-3900

11. Eli Manning- He keeps the Ints down he is an adequate one and very solid two

12. Ben Roethelisberger- Could be a big year for Big Ben, not the worst option as a one but Steelers play in so many grind it out and physically punishing games that it’s tough to have him among the elite.

13. Matthew Stafford- I like Stafford a lot if he can actually stay health. He would be worth a shot as a starter in really deep leagues not a reliable option but his upside is very high and could be a top 10 fantasy QB if he can play 14-16 games. He also could be a nice sleeper option on draft day.

14. Matt Cassel- Very nice year for Cassel last season and he should be poised for another nice season, the Chiefs have weapons and Todd Haley loves to air it out at times.

15. Kevin Kolb- Kolb may open some eyes this season, he has Larry Fitzgerald and in his limited experience he has shown he can air it out.

16. Josh Freeman- Freeman had a nice year and can be a very solid number 2 this season

17. Kyle Orton- for now Orton remains in Denver where he has put up solid fantasy numbers the past two years. If he moves to Miami I think he could move up on this list and could be one of the better backups.

18. Sam Bradford- I like Bradfords skill set, the Rams need to get him a little help, but I expect Bradford to make strides this season and may jump into top 10 conversation for next season.

19. Joe Flacco- The Ravens Pound the ball and play in those grind out games like Pittsburgh. Flacco can be serviceable for a game or 2 if you’re in a jam.

20. Donovan McNabb- Coming off a bad season last year, McNabb looks to resurrect his career in Minnesota; however It would be hard to see McNabb resurrecting anyone’s fantasy roster this season.

21. Mark Sanchez- There is going to have to come a time where Sanchez has a big season, The Jets have weapons, but he will have to prove it before he is on the Fantasy radar.

22. Ryan Fitzpatrick- Fitz is the clear-cut number 1 in Buffalo and the bills do have some weapons, not the ideal fantasy QB but he at least could be a 1 game filler if your really in a jam at some point during the season.

23. Matt Hasselbeck- Don’t really know what Hass has left in the tank, not a fan of the new move to Tennessee for his fantasy value

24. John Beck- Shanahan still looking for next Elway ??????????

25. Alex Smith- New coach in Jim Harbaugh looks to get the most out of the former number 1 overall pick

26. Cam Newton- May not start but will eventually play and does have some fantasy intrigue

27. Jason Cambell- Who knows with the Raiders?

28. Andy Daulton- He should be the starter in Cinci

29. Tim Tebow- Would love to see Tebow become a fantasy force but it might only be a dream

30. Colt Mccoy- Has a swagger to him, need to wait and see

31. Chad Henne- Orton could be on his way to Miami before Draft Boards go up

32. David Garrard- Blaine Gabbert is definitely on his way

33. Tarvaris Jackson- Well see what Pete Carroll and co. have in store for T-Jax

Next Up: Runningbacks

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