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June 7, 2011

Still The Best

by wvudcfan52

By: Chris Haines

Even though we are told the BCS is not officially affiliated with the NCAA, the BCS sure acts like it is run by the NCAA.  Today, the BCS decided to vacate USC’s 2004 national championship title.  USC beat killed Oklahoma 55-19 in the championship game, and their quarterback, Matt Leinart, won the Heisman Trophy, as he passed for 3,332 yards and 33 touchdowns that year.  The BCS decision comes since the NCAA ruled that USC gave former star Reggie Bush improper benefits under NCAA guidelines and was ruled ineligible in 2004 and 2005.  Bush has since returned his Heisman.  Because of this, USC is now entering year two of a two-year postseason ban.

Once again, the BCS and NCAA show inconsistency with their punishments.  When it was found this past December that Ohio State was using ineligible slaves student athletes (South Park reference for those of you that don’t know), the BCS didn’t decide to kick Ohio State out of this year’s Sugar Bowl.   Or, how about when it was found out that cooperate big wigs from the Fiesta Bowl were illegally using money made from the Fiesta Bowl? Nothing happened. I find this quote from BCS executive director Bill Hancock funny. “One of the best ways of ensuring (fair competition, in games)  is for us to foster full compliance with NCAA rules.”  How is it being in compliance with NCAA rules if you let Ohio State play in the Sugar Bowl with ineligible players?  Once again, this shows the hypocrites the BCS/NCAA are; they choose who and who not to punish and when and when not to punish, which is not right in any way possible.

USC will not have the AP national championship vacated, and rightfully so.  If it isn’t obvious from the national championship game score of 55-19, then listen to this: USC only won one of eleven games by a single digit margin.  The rest of their wins were by double digits.  USC was the best team on the field that year – period.  No team competed with them that year.  Yes, Auburn will have an argument here, but it’s not a guarantee that Auburn would have beat Oklahoma.  Yes, I understand that punishments should be handed out if rules are not followed, but I don’t know if taking away championships and personal awards is the right way to do it, since the games and awards have already been played and handed out.   To me and to most of this generation, USC will always be the 2004 national champs, and Reggie Bush will have always won the 2005 Heisman Trophy.  Maybe in 2100 the BCS and NCAA will get want they want when people won’t remember that USC won it all and Reggie Bush won the Heisman.

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