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June 4, 2011


Where’s Barnaby??

by Asti

By: Mike Asti


For anyone wondering where Matthew Barnaby has been, here’s a little update. It has not been a great past few weeks for former NHL bad boy and current ESPN analyst, Matthew Barnaby. The hockey enforcer turned Barry Melrose sidekick has been in the midst of a grueling legal battle with his estranged ex-wife. This came to ahead about a month ago when the couple allegedly got into a heated verbal argument that eventually led to Barnaby spending the night in jail. According to reports, this “domestic dispute” was steamed from his ex-wife expressing her displeasure with his now girlfriend. Barnaby and fellow ESPN co-worker, Michelle Beadle have been dating for over a year. They have been open about their relationship since February. This is in no way adultery or anything close to it. Barnaby and his ex-wife have not been together for quite sometime. Matthew’s snag of one of sports hottest anchors makes this much more news worthy. Beadle has yet to comment on her boyfriend’s issues or her apparent involvement.

Recently, Barnaby was served with two protective court orders. At first, this seemed like it would blow over. Based on the recent developments, and the fact that Barnaby has been noticeably absent from ESPN’s NHL coverage, most importantly the Stanley Cup Finals, all signs point to a parting of ways between, not only Barnaby and his ex-wife, but the longtime NHL veteran and the mothership. I mean Barnaby hasn’t even tweeted since May 12th! This is somewhat unfortunate news since that leaves hockey fans with Barry Melrose as their sole source for analysis from the icon of sports networks. Barnaby brought a breath of fresh air upon his arrival at ESPN in 2008. He took over for Melrose after Barry left to coach the Lightning. Following less than a quarter through the season, Tampa realized what everyone else knew right away, the Barry signing made no sense. Melrose was fired and then immediately returned to ESPN to create a co-analyst chair situation. How this story concludes is obviously still up in the air. However, regardless of if Barnaby’s ex-wife is jealous her money maker has moved on up to Beadle, ESPN hardly tolerates their crew carrying a stain that now has reached the courts. Sports fans have witnessed Baseball Tonight fixture, Harold Reynolds ushered out. I doubt anyone would be shocked if this results in Barnaby suffering a similar fate. Reynolds has moved on to MLB Network, look for Matthew on “NHL on the Fly” beginning next season.

It is very difficult to find a hot picture of Michelle Beadle (Man Cave Sports)

No matter what happens, I gotta give it to Beadle. She could swap Barnaby for Mark Schlereth or Marcellus Wiley any day, yet she stays true to her man. I doubt Barnaby could have his pick of Erin Andrews, Rachel Nichols, or the always underrated, Amy Nelson (my personal crush being a baseball guy) if things with Beadle fall through. Due to her clear loyalty, Beadle has now achieved bonus points on the hotness scale. An attractive chick, that has model looks and sports knowledge (I actually believe she knows what she’s talking about..unlike Ms Andrews) is every guys dream girl. Hopefully, the next major development isn’t finding out Barnaby has been Tigering it up or pulling a Tony Parker. Yo Matty, don’t screw this up my man.

– Prior to signing with ESPN, Matthew Barnaby played 17 seasons from 1992 to 2007. This includes time spent with Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, New York, Colorado, Chicago, and Dallas. He accumulated exactly 300 total points along with 2,562 career penalty minutes.

Hey ESPN, if you are searching for a talented, knowledgable sports man, with a solid personality to replace Barnaby, I may know a guy….

My resume is available upon request….

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  1. Jun 4 2011

    I have noticed the absence of Barnaby because this is the point in the year where we would have seen him most. Typical Michelle Beadle fucking shit up. She is the worst. Beadle knows exactly jack shit about anything that has to do with sports and she’s a Jets fan to boot. Colin Cowherd tears her apart every episode of SportsNation.

    • Jun 4 2011

      I am not a big Colin fan and in comparison to Andrews and the other sports media chicks she probably knows a descent amount. It at the very least seems as if she looks up some stats and is not relying solely on the voice in her ear. Her problem she worries about being “the good girl” and agreeing with fan opinion too much. Of course, her knowledge is not to the level of any of the males and nowhere near BDL. I thought about writing a post about this news when it first came out a few weeks ago. I hoped it went has not and forced me to cover this absurd story.

  2. Jun 4 2011

    Since you put it that way, I agree. Beadle is better than most of the female reporters on ESPN. I am just hard on her mostly because she is a Jets fan and she takes any opportunity to trash on the teams and people of Boston. I like Cowherd though. I agree with a lot of his perspectives.

    • Jun 4 2011

      I also enjoy trashing on teams from Boston :-D

      The only difference is I only do it when I know I’m right. You’ll never hear more ass-heaps of praise for Bill Belichick then from any other Jets fan.


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