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April 23, 2011


A Jaw Dropping Goal!

by Asti

By: Mike Asti

Video credit to Next Stop NHL

Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan scores one of the most impressive skill driven goals I have ever seen. If I blinked my eyes I would’ve thought this was old school Mario Lemieux. Ryan returned after a 2 game suspension to break right through the entire Ducks defense, control the puck despite pressure and then completely faked out Pekka Rinne, as he put the biscuit in the basket. Ryan blended Pavel Datsuk’s stick handling, Ovechkin’s ability to score when the play looks dead and somewhere between a Lemieux / Gretzky like highlight real effort.

Watching the Preds is absolutely a nail biting moment.

Despite this amazing goal, it only counted as one and Nashville went on to win the pivotal game in over-time. I have made it pretty clear, I absolutely hate the Nashville Predators. They are a gritty team that just will not go away and Rinne is the best goalie no one knows about. With that said, the Predators advancing would be a ratings disaster. Instead of a team with stars, a future Hall of Famer, plays in a Los Angeles market, has been been there and done “it” before, we will get stuck with the Carrie Underwood bandwagon, that may or may not sell out a Stanley Cup Final game. Would you rather see Snoop Dogg in the stands smoking a blunt and taking in some hockey he doesn’t understand or Garth Brooks sitting there dull as hell? That’s what I thought….

I said all of this in my NHL First Round Preview: Western Conference and yes, I may be eating crow.

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