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December 2, 2010

Derek Jeter V.S. the New York Yankees

by Asti
By: Mike Asti

I was initially going to re-cap the MLB awards handed out the last couple weeks, however, I then realized for the first time in a while I agreed with every single one so that would be pointless. Instead of doing that, I want to buzz-saw my thoughts on the most talked about hot stove news to date, the Jeter / Yankee negotiations. The Yankee brass and their most prized possession since Mickey Mantle are in the midst of a stand still when trying to work out a new deal for the pine stripped icon. As it stands right now, Derek Jeter is a free agent and for the first time in his career he does not have the ball fully in his court in terms of inking out a new deal.

New York management is attempting to obtain their legend without paying for past success and hoping to not get burned in the future with a contract that looks absurd based on current production. Jeter on the other hand, realizes the horrible pr hit the Yanks would take if he did not return and the fact that he brings much more to the table then just his glove and bat, his presence in the lineup alone rolls in money as well as brings more leadership and experience than every other team can only dream of.  While both sides make fair points anytime this is discussed by the so called “experts” many important points seem to be missing, here are the ones I find the most necessary to make known.

Buzz-saw points that need to considered in terms of the next Jeter contract:

– No, Jeter is not worth 20 million per season anymore (even in Yankee dollars).
– Yes, “The Captain” had his worst offensive year since his rookie season in 2010 (.270, 10 HR, 67 RBI).
– One bad year should not be reason to begin Jeter bashing.
– The six years before this season Derek Jeter hit .300 or better including a .334 clip in 2009.
– Derek Jeter is 74 hits away from 3,000 making him the only player in history to record 3,000 hits with the New York Yankees.
– The New York Yankees need Derek Jeter just as much as Derek Jeter needs them at this point.
– Do not jump the gun and believe everything you read or hear.
Jeter’s agent denies report his client is looking for a 6 year deal.
– It would be totally ASININE (Thanks Aaron Boone) if the main issue Yanks brass has right now is wanting 3 years and Jeter camp is seeking 4.
– I still see no way Jeter ever plays anywhere but New York, I’m aware people may have felt that way about Favre in Green Bay at one point but seriously #2 is different.
– The reported Yankee “plan B” (without Jeter) would NOT to be to sign another star SS. It is believed they will give the gig to Eduardo Nunez. You may ask who the hell is Eduardo Nunez (current utility infielder)….exactly!
– A declining Jeter production wise is still much better then Nunez at any age.
– The New York Yankees are always in win now mode and are NOT a better team for next season without Derek Jeter.
– Jeter’s 2010 numbers are still better then about 80% of the short stops in all of MLB.
– A compromise should in some way be able to be met, especially with how much this means to the franchise.
– This team will contend as always and as long as they win Jeter’s production or lack there of will not be an issue at all.

If by some crazy ass turn of events Derek Jeter does not return to the “Evil Empire” I truly hope that at some point in the future when the Yankees reach out for him to have a farewell tour back in the Bronx before ending his career, he utters this once famous phrase..I got two words for ya, FUCK YOU!

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