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The HBS: The NFL’s Watergate

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

Roger Goodell

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The HBS: Escaping Hate

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

Tony Stewart

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Why athletes shouldn’t take home town discounts

There’s been a lot of talk lately about NBA superstars and role players alike taking less money than they’re ostensibly worth “for the good of the team.” The collective bargaining agreement is structured to minimize a team’s ability to load up on big contracts, and it makes guys who don’t settle for less seem greedy. C’mon, you’re really going to take $8 million over there instead of $5 million over here? DON’T YOU WANT TO WIN?

Meanwhile, the owners are taking Scrooge McDuck baths in gold coins and bitching about only getting half of the league’s basketball related income.

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Crimson Tide: How Did 49ers’ Fans Take Over Cowboys’ Stadium On Sunday?

Forty-Niners’ fans usually travel well: ever since Joe Montana & Co. put the team on the map in 1980-81, red jerseys have been a common sight in most NFL stadiums the team visits. But this was a little ridiculous. Welcome to the relatively new AT&T Stadium, home of the Cowboys, where San Francisco met Dallas on Sunday and Niners’ fans drowned out the locals by several dozen decibels. And just look at all the red …

Reasons for this visiting team invasion?

* According to Ticket City, tickets to this game on the secondary market were marked up 141 percent. That’s a lot of money for Cowboys season ticket holders to pass up.

* Fans are turning on Jerry Jones. As we saw on Sunday he hasn’t done much to improve the team … yet he’s just broken ground on a new, state-of-the-art practice facility in Frisco, TX.

* San Francisco has had a serious Super Bowl contender for four straight seasons now.

* SF’s Michael Crabtree may have turned the tide by himself. The Texas native distributed 70 tickets to the game for family and friends.

The phenomenon was most evident when Vernon Davis caught a TD pass from Colin Kaepernick in the first quarter, and the stadium erupted in cheers. We’re betting the racket was loud enough to wake a dead Tom Landry.

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Wes Welker May Have Popped Molly Cut With Amphetamine At The Kentucky Derby

According to Adam Schefter, the Broncos wide out will get an involuntary four-game break to recover from his concussions due to a positive test for amphetamines — a banned substance. However, the suspension might actually be incorrect if the following report from NBC’s Pro Football Talk is true.

It’d be a first offense (stage one vilolation), and under the league substance abuse policy constitutes a fine in the amount of 3/17 of a player’s base salary, not a suspension.

Makes sense considering he was handing out $100 bills at the Derby back in May, after wining $14,000 due to a clerical error. Objectively speaking, that day must have been fun as hell. We’ll update you as details emerge.


Nick Young thought the Purge was coming

This was one of Nick Young’s not so ‘Swagy P’ moments, after he fell for a teenager concocted hoax and blasted it to all 150,000 twitter followers of his.

After this picture of a supposed ‘real life ‘ purge due to come to the listen U.S cities went viral, it seems only Nick Young was the one who didn’t get the hoax message and went into full out panic mode.

The Lakers upcoming 2014-2015 season will most likely be a lot more scary.


Report Says Rob Ford Once Made His Football Team Roll Around In Goose Crap

According to documents obtained by the Toronto Star on Wednesday, Ford, who coached football at Don Bosco Catholic High School in Toronto, was fired in part because he made his players “roll around in goose scat.”

The Star:

The most sensational allegation contained in the documents came from Royiwsky, who told the board that Ford “made the players roll in goose scat” and “called them —-suckers” after an Oct. 2012 game against Father Henry Carr secondary school. Yan said Ford “wasn’t happy with the performance or the level of intensity.”

“I guess he was doing his Vince Lombardi impression,” Yan said.

Among other misdeeds by Ford as listed in the documents, released due to the Freedom on Information Act, were:

* Threatening to beat up a teacher.

* Showing up intoxicated to the final practice before his team was to play in the Metro Bowl in 2012.

* Sticking the school with a $5,000 bill for helmets which he had promised to pay for.

* Holding improper summer practice in which a player broke his collarbone.

When asked to respond, Rob Ford’s brother, Toronto councillor Doug Ford, had the most amusing quote of the day:

“I don’t give two craps,” Doug Ford said when asked about the allegations about the mayor. “You guys are the most biased media in the country. Bar none.”

Rob Ford, who was recently released from a rehab facility for alcohol addiction, was fired last year from a side-job as a volunteer coach at Don Bosco after he made disparaging remarks to a TV network about parents and their children.


So, Apparently LeBron Recruited Kevin Love After He Signed With The Cavs

During his introductory press conference today, Kevin Love shed some light on the process that took him from disgruntled T-Wolve to the happiest player in the NBA. “LeBron had decided to come back to the Cleveland Cavaliers and he called me just a few hours post. I said, ‘You know what, I’m in.’”

Hmmm, sounds fishy, considering Love had one more year left on his deal…

[NBA Memo on tampering] “Article 35E of the NBA Constitution states that it’s a violation of the league’s anti-tampering rule for any person affiliated with an NBA team to directly or indirectly (i) entice, induce, or persuade, or attempt to entice, induce or persuade, any player, coach, GM or other person under contract to any other NBA team to enter into negotiations for or relating to that person’s services or to negotiate or contract for such services, or (ii) otherwise interfere with the employment relationship between that employee and the other NBA team.”

We’re not saying anyone should be fined or suspended or excommunicated — tampering rules are bullshit any way you slice it — but it was funny to hear Love dish on how LeBron may or may not have recruited him to join forces in “The Land.” Seeing as the Raptors were fined $25,000 when Drake mentioned Kevin Durant’s name on stage at OVO Fest, we wouldn’t be surprised if Bron broke some stupid rule by contacting Love in the moments after he changed teams on July 12th. Though David Stern has said players are excluded from tampering rules, article 35E (above) seems to imply that they can, in fact, be punished for contacting other players who are under contract (because players are “team employees”).


Mo’ne Davis Will Lose $100,000 Because Of NCAA Compensation Rule

After last week becoming the first girl ever to earn a pitching victory at the Little League World Series, Mo’ne Davis lasted only a couple of innings during her Philadelphia team’s 8-1 loss to Las Vegas on Wednesday. But she’s still pretty much the biggest thing in sports right now — her autographed baseball just sold for $510 on eBay.

As it is, Mo’ne spends a lot of time in Williamsport signing stuff — baseballs, caps, etc., for her new fans. But some of that stuff has ended up on eBay. And this the battle lines have been drawn. Some, like Little League Inc. CEO Steve Keener, think that’s not a great idea.

“I think it’s ridiculous. That’s absurd,” said Keener. “(But) I don’t know how you would ever control it.”

Others are OK with it. Brandon Steiner, owner of Steiner Sports, told USA Today that he was ready to pay Davis a $100,000 deal to sign memorabilia, but that he reconsidered because it could be against NCAA rules. Davis is even better at basketball than she is at baseball, and wants to one day play for UConn.

“I wouldn’t want to get in the way of that, those being the rules,” Steiner said. “But would I love to call her up and say, ‘Let’s go sign 1,000 baseballs right now, being that I love what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve done?’ A hundred percent.”

“I’d get my butt up to Williamsport and get something worked out with her parents and her and get some good product online.”

For the record, a federal judge recently ruled that an athlete can earn money from their name and likeness, but only up to $5,000, and even that would be deferred until their eligibility expires. No one’s really sure what that means for someone like Mo’ne, who at 13 is still five years away from college,

Anyway, you kind of get the feeling here that the whole Mo’Ne movement is getting out of hand. She just recently landed the cover of Sports Illustrated, which of course means the Sports Illustrate curse. And she did lose on Wednesday.

Her team, however, is still alive at Williamsport. Philadelphia meets the team from Chicago tonight at 7:30 (ET), with the winner moving on to play Las Vegas for the U.S. championship. That winner would meet either Mexico or Japan for international title.


Kevin Durant To Become A Pro Sports Apparel Hawker Who Plays NBA Basketball On The Side

According to Darren Rovell, Thunder forward Kevin Durant has a massive sponsorship deal from Under Armour on the table that could be worth $285 million over 10 years, with incentives like a community center built in his mother’s name. Like a restricted free agent, Durant’s former sponsor, Nike, has the chance to match the offer and retain Durant, but either way — he’s getting paid.

With an annual salary between 26.5 million and $28.5 million, Durant will make substantially more money from hawking sports apparal for either company than he will playing basketball — the Thunder will pay him $18,995,624 this year and $20,158,622 in 2015-16. As Rovell puts in perfectly Rovellian terms: “in money alone, Durant would be more an employee of Under Armour than he is of the Thunder.”

This is an enormous investment for UA, not just because only 1 percent of its multi-billion dollar revenue comes from basketball shoe sales. UA will be banking on Durant’s star and brand to keep rising, even though Durant sold just $175 million worth of his signature Nike sneakers last year, compared to $300 million for LeBron James. Forbes recently estimated that LeBron makes about $20 million a year from his deal with Nike.

So here’s the question: Does Durant’s interest in signing with Maryland-based UA have anything to do with the rumors that he’s interested in playing for the Wizards in 2016? Durant reportedly likes that UA spends a lot of money on community development projects, and LeBron has made the concept of “coming home” an attractive, even noble endeavor.

Regardless of where Durant continues his NBA career, remember the next time you watch him play: This is just his hobby. His real job is attaching his name to pretty shoes and modeling them in public places. Not a bad gig.


Jerry Jones blames Seahawks for all the flags

If you’ve watched any NFL preseason game, it would be hard not to notice the abundance of penalty flags that have resulted from league’s new defensive holding changes and if you ask Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall or Dallas owner Jerry Jones, you have to look no further than the reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks to find out why.

“A team like Seattle, who basically played a style that would risk a holding penalty as opposed to not having an aggressive defender back there,” Jones said. “That got a lot of complaints, and you’re seeing it [called] during the preseason.”

If his theory is true, Seattle’s secondary won’t be the lockdown force they were last year. Guess we’ll have to wait until the start of the season to see if he’s right.


Brian Hoyer Is The Starter In Cleveland, But Not For Long

The Browns named Brian Hoyer their starter for Week 1. The battle between him and Johnny Manziel (and Connor Shaw, kind of, sort of… not really) was more like a series of skirmishes in which both sides play not to lose rather than to win. No one was particularly impressive, so let’s go with the known quantity rather than the relatively unknown.

It’s great for Hoyer, who will still have Manziel on his heels but gets a chance to prove himself after just two real games played last year. And in a sense, it’s good for Manziel, who would have been thrown directly into the fire against the Steelers, Saints and Ravens in the first three weeks had he gotten the nod.

But this much we know is true: Manziel was drafted to be the team’s quarterback of the future. You don’t take a guy in the first round of the draft unless you expect him to see the field at some point. Hoyer can either play like garbage or play like Aaron Rodgers, and unless he literally takes Browns to the Super Bowl, expect Manziel to take over at some point — at the latest, next season, when Hoyer has been flipped for draft picks.

More realistically, as many analysts have pointed out, Manziel could take over as early as Week 5. If the Browns go 0-3 heading into their bye, it’s not hard to imagine that Hoyer will have played a role in that — and teams love switching quarterbacks over a bye week. It won’t help that Hoyer will almost definitely be playing without Josh Gordon, a wide receiver capable of putting the entire team on his back on a slant route alone.

Hoyer’s an Ohio kid, and he’s playing QB for his hometown team, which is awesome. But from the moment the Browns drafted Manziel, his days were numbered. His best bet is to parlay this gig into another starting job somewhere else. Manziel’s time is coming, and it’s a matter of when, not if.


Atlanta Falcons To Sell Alcohol-Infused Cupcakes This Season

This one goes out to all of you closeted alcoholics out there who don’t want to be “that guy” at a football game. You know who I’m talking about. There’s always that one fan who is belligerent during the game, jumping up and down while screaming during big plays as he spills his beer on the innocent young child one row forward.

Well now, that fan can spill some vanilla frosting on the little kid instead of his overpriced domestic lager. Sports Illustrated reported today that the Atlanta Falcons will be selling alcohol-infused cupcakes at football games this season.

Confection company Delights by Dawn is selling their Toxycake creation at home games in a number of flavors, including Chocolate Cherry Bourbon, White Almond Amaretto, and Lemon Honey Jack.


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